5 Reasons Why Nag Tibba Is A Great Trek For Beginners

“Trekking” you have been listening to this phrase for a while regardless of whether it was in Bollywood or on social media. You finally decided to take the risk and go on a little excursion to start. You search the web to find options, but you are overwhelmed and confused by the possibilities available. For those who live in the south, there are endless options.

 You can choose from a myriad of single-day hiking opportunities in and around Pune, Bangalore, that you do not require much planning. Just take your lunch and head out. If you’re in the North and you are thinking of a little excursion in the Himalayas, the options are limited due to the fact that, if you’re planning to do anything worthwhile, the base point must be at a minimum an overnight drive from Delhi.

Is Nag Tibba Trek a good option for newbies?

Here are the solutions. The answer is not just great, but it’s also perfect for those who are just starting out. Here are the main reasons that are what makes it perfect.

1. Close proximity to Delhi – in the present hectic life, proximity to Delhi is the only thing that is in short supply. Therefore, everything must happen on weekends, whether it’s shopping, outing, or spending time with loved ones. etc. If you live within or around Delhi and are tired of regular trips to malls, the Mall, and theaters, then a trek up to Nag Tibba is your perfect choice to begin this incredible adventure of climbing mountains.

Nag Tibba starts from Pantwari, located 90 km from Dehradun. Therefore, if you board an 11:15 PM bus from Delhi to Dehradun the next day at 5:15 AM, you then will need a cab, and by 9:00 AM, you’ll arrive in Pantwari. If you begin your Trek on a Friday night, you will be able to begin your journey at 09:00 in the early morning.

2. The duration of the Trek – A weekend trek up to Nag Tibba summit can be completed in between two and three days, based on how far you’d like to make yourself. Being a beginner, you may have several doubts. One of which is how long you’ll succeed or not? In this case, a three-day route is the best option to start at Pantwari.

You could also begin your Trek over two days at Thatyur; however, it might not be the right choice because it’s a very long and steep climb up to Nag Mandir, and by the moment the view begins to open, you’re exhausted, and water is available only at one location when you’re near to your camp place for the entire day. If you’re following Thatyur’s plan, then you will camp near Nag Mandir, and the next day you climb to the top and make it to Patwari towards the end of the day.

3. Gentle Terrain – From Pantwari to Nag Tibba summit, the terrain is extremely gentle, and there aren’t any steep sections longer than 5-10 mins. The absence of steep climbs lets trekkers appreciate the beauty that’s scattered over, and this is especially true when it comes to beginner hikers.

 The beginners are generally more at the moment than more experienced trekkers and would like to feel the fruits of their labor (read the hike) quickly. That’s the case on Nag Tibba. After a hike lasting between 2 and 3 hours, you will camp on Nag Mandir, from where you enjoy a 360-degree view of The higher Himalayas. Nag Mandir is a beautiful campsite that is with a beautiful view of Rhododendron woodland on one side and Deodar forest on the other. Sunsets are as gorgeous as they are at other camping sites in the Himalayas.

4. A healthy and enjoyable trek – Nag Tibba is one Trek that gives you the taste of everything that can be experienced when trekking longer distances, be it the jungle trail, snow, or stunning views of the highest mountains of the Indian Himalayas (only that the time is not long). If you begin at Pantwari, your first journey will mostly be in the Rhododendron forest.

 Then, after Nag Mandir or sometime before Nag Mandir, the Trek is traversing through the snow to the ankle, at some places, even knee-deep. Once you have reached the top, you will be able to enjoy the views from Nanda Devi, the highest peak in India, together with Bandar Poonch and many more. In addition, it’s an all-around hike when you plan it properly. A circuit hike is always a more satisfying experience as opposed to retracing the same path because the landscape changes when you return, and you’re always inspired throughout your time on the trail.

5. One more thing – For all the reasons mentioned earlier, Nag Tibba is an ideal hike for those who are new to the sport, and this is the reason that almost everyone can walk the Trek without difficulty.

When you’re beginning your Trek into the mountains you have never explored and are unfamiliar with uninhabited areas, your mind is constantly asking what I should do if I require medical attention or need to go back to civilization in the event of an emergency back at home. In the event of Nag Tibba, there is an alternative; should something not work out as you planned, you could return to Pantwari even at night. There are a few huts in the area where the jungle trail begins. they can be reached within an hour from your Nag Mandir.

This winter, pack your backpack and head to Nag Tibba without any fear. It’s completely doable and is within reach in every way, whether it’s timing or your own physical abilities.

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