12 Best Restaurants In Manali That Serve Extraordinary Treats

The world is not only renowned for Manali for its incredible beauty and adventure, but it is also known the best for its restaurants’. From the stalls on the streets and cafes, top eateries in Manali are a mouthful of food and a memorable experience and a dining experience that is both enjoyable and satisfying to the soul.

Some of these places have stunning views to travel, others are beautiful, and some have a lovely atmosphere. Have a look and note these restaurants, which will keep your stomach satisfied while you walk up the hills on your Manali Trip!

We’ve identified the top 15 restaurants in Manali by various factors like cost and good quality food, and other things.

1. Fat Plate Restaurant

This cafe is a delightful small eatery. It is located inside Gurung Cottages on one of the banks of Beas. It offers a relaxed and homely dining decor, and you can indulge and enjoy a relaxing time in the middle of the natural beauty.

2. Johnson’s Cafe

Johnson’s Restaurant & Bar is located at the Johnson’s Lodge. Eliminating all confusion ahead of time The cafe is situated just a few steps away from Johnson’s Restaurant & Bar. The atmosphere is serene and lush greenery and gorgeously coloured decor. The cafe is equipped with everything that will make you feel awestruck.

3. Drifter’s Cafe

Manali is one of the top South Indian restaurants in Manali. An ideal spot to relax and read a book or play some fun board games cluecrossword with your beloved people, this cafe located inside Drifters Inn serves you more than just delicious food. It is often the venue for acoustic music or Karaoke evenings; it lets the party begin at any time of the day.

4. Chopsticks Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurants on Manali mall road. Chopsticks will be a feast for the senses. Its vast selection of Tibetan, Indian, Chinese and Japanese dishes will provide you with a wide selection. This tiny restaurant may not be a hit initially but will surely leave you wanting more. It’s among the most popular vegetarian eateries in Manali.

5. Cafe 1947

No matter how many elegant or trendy restaurants pop up on these streets, Manali Cafe 1947 is undoubtedly one of the most well-known restaurants in Manali, particularly its excellent food and good vibe. With the cozy, sweet atmosphere and the sounds of the river, fantastic music, and great music, this Italian cafe has everything to make you smile. It’s among the top non-vegetarian restaurants in Manali.

6. The Lazy Dog

The location is on Beas banks; one of the most popular restaurants in Manali is the Lazy Dog, located in Old Manali; one experiences city life with a touch of tradition. Wooden chairs, beanbags, and hammocks contribute to the relaxed party atmosphere that makes it a favourite among tourists of all types.

7. Il Forno

This restaurant has an extraordinary vintage charm with its rustic atmosphere and panoramic views over the Himalayas covered in apple orchards. It has won the award as the cheapest restaurant in Manali serving Italian food.

8. Open Air Restaurant At Apple Bud Cottages

The rooftop restaurant is undoubtedly one of the top eateries in Manali, which you should go to. Amazing views, a vintage vibe, and mouthwatering food that is offered under the skies. It is ideal for breakfast in the morning and a night out with friends to savour the town’s natural splendour.

9. La Plage

In a lush setting with apple trees and surrounded by a surreal atmosphere with old-world music and breathtaking views of the hills, this French cafe is a beautiful place to go if you want to be away from the tourist crowd. Offering delicious meals to sweet treats, it’s one of the top eateries in Manali.

10. Dylan’s Toasted And Roasted Coffee House

A well-known cafe located in Manali, Dylans is more than just a cafe. Here, new friendships start, and those that have been around for a while growing more robust. If you’re a coffee drinker, ensure you go to this spot in The Old Manali road.

11. Basil Leaf Restaurant

“Variety” is what Basil Leaf flaunts when providing the most pleasing dining experience in the resort town. It’s one of the top restaurants in Manali and the surrounding areas and one of the most elegant, particularly for families and couples.

What’s unique is that the restaurant has seating outdoors and indoors. The restaurant lets diners have a bonfire and barbecue, depending on the availability.

12. Rooftop Restaurant At Keylinga Inn

Manali restaurants. A calm atmosphere with stunning views and delicious food that will have the effect of touching your heart This rooftop restaurant is superior to restaurants in the area. It’s not only challenging to lose time while you’re there and feel the strain.

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